Why a mirror?

  • Looking for a support that catches the eye?

Who does not look at passing a mirror? We check that we are with tidy hair, that our tie is straight … and looking at the mirror, of course, we notice your message printed on it!

  • Looking for a product that will always be installed in the best place?

A mirror is to look inside. It is therefore always installed at the height of the eye, well in sight of all.

  • Looking for a product that will stand the test of time?

The mirror has an incomparable longevity (several decades!). Years later you can still find your advertising mirrors at collectors or junk dealers!

  • Looking to offer a product with high perceived value?

Nobody knows the exact price, but by imagining the price of the mirror + printing + finishes, we expect an expensive product. In fact, the budget for a mirror campaign is close to that of more traditional POS!

  • Looking for a good return on investment?

The mirror is a product that everyone notices, always placed in the best place and will stay long at your customer … it combines all the ingredients for 100% effective communication!

How to customize it?

Mirror without frameMirror with frameMirror cut in shapeUnbreakable mirrorLight mirror