Preparing your files

File formats

You can send us your files in the format of your choice:



Record your EPS images with maximum quality JPEG coding. Vectorize the texts, if possible the logos and do not forget to tick “include the imported images” during your recordings.
For better print quality, assign HD settings to your files.


Acrobat PDF

Remember to provide us with the fonts and imports used or make an “Assembly” that will automatically gather in a folder all elements of layouts. We provide a High Definition PDF.

You can optimize your PDFs by changing the settings: Resolution at 2400 dots per inch and disable sampling and compression. Your PDFs will be larger but of good quality.

Whatever the file sent, be careful that the layers are not locked!

The size of files and images

The files provided must be in the format, at the scale of your product, and with images of a resolution of 300 DPI.

For large or very large formats, you can provide us with 1/2 scale files with images at 600 DPI, 1/4 scale with images at 1200 DPI (…)


We provide all the fonts used in your layouts but it is best to vectorize them.

The cuts

Create a layer only for your cut shape, name the “Cut” with a spot color in Quadri also called “Cutting”

Framing : how to choose your stick?

Dimensions: height and width



with molding    

The material

MDF covered aluminum
MDF printed

The tint

Wood color or tinted (1 shade pass)

Lacquered (7 tints)

More original? a different style?

You have already selected your wand, send us his picture!